Our Rafting Adventures!

On the 16th of March our class went rafting. We started off with callum checking that our shoes, jackets etc were ok for rafting .then we started the walk the walk took an hour we also had to look out for oonga oonga which was a plant that could kill a pig dog. When we reached the end of the walk we had to put on life jackets then go on the jet boat to the rock garden. Once we got there we had to get a helmet that fitted then we had to wait around till the sausages were cooked. After we had eaten callum showed us how to use the paddle and the white water position. Once we were in our rafts we carried on down the river to bum rock when our raft tried to go through the middle our raft tipped two of the people fell out we collected them and put them back in the raft then we stopped for a break. Some of us went in the white water position and floated down the river it was so much fun then we got back in our rafts and went further down the river and callum said we could go swimming as tayla and I were about to jump out Ross pushed us out into the water we got back in the raft and paddled back to the starting point then we got out of the raft and thanked the guides for taking us.

Hey Mrs K rafting was great fun today we went down the white water rapids. My favourite part was when we splashed the other boats and the jet boat.


Today we had rafting. It was amazing. I liked it when we got to go through a rock. It was awesome. RHYS

Hey Mrs K, rafting was awesome. You so should have been there.
First we started off with a walk up the track and then we got on a jet boat to get to the place where we were getting ready and having lunch. For lunch we had a sausage sizzle and a drink. After that the guide demonstrated how to do the white water float just in case we fell out or the boat flipped. Then we left and we got to bum rock to get out and go down this rapid thing alone with no boat. After that we got back in the boat and went down the river a bit further and then we got out for a swim. The water was freezing, well kind of. Then we went down near the bridge and got out to get changed. Before that some people got to play in the water if they didn’t hire anything. I floated down the stream for fun and after that we got changed into clothes then we went back to school.

from Brooke
P.S. wish you were there with us :)

On Wednesday we went rafting. We started with a long walk which took us around 1 hour an 15 minutes. Then when we arrived at rock beach. We got our lifejackets on and then Steve took us in the jet boat to where we were having lunch (Rock Gardens).We had sausages and a piece of fruit and some drink for lunch. After lunch we got ready to start rafting!!! 1 of our guides (Callum) showed us the white water positon then we were off. We rafted for a bit and then we come to a big rock called Bum rock. We got got out of our rafts and lined up we went down in the white water positon we nearly hit the rock but then curved around and most of us lined up for a second go because it was so much fun!! We got back in our rafts and then some of us jumped out after a while the water was so cold. After a while we made it back to the starting point. We asked Mrs B if we could have a swim in the outram glen so we had a 10 minute swim and then our awesome day was over :( The day was so much fun:) Sinead

Yesterday me and my class went rafting it was totaly epic ,But before we could go on the raft we had to walk there the walk was abought 80 min long . We also went on a jet boat it was so awesome.James :).

Hey Mrs K. Yesterday we went rafting. It was really, really, really FUN!!!! My favourite part was going over the rapids in the raft. The worst bit was for me was the walk because it was slippery and long. It was a really great experiance though and I hope to do it again. I wish you could have come with us.

From Tayla A

Yesterday we went rafting we had to walk for 1and a half hours it was really muddy and slippery as it had rained the day before. After we finished the walk we got a jet boat to Rock Garden where we had a bbq lunch then the guides demonstrated how to raft. We all piled into the rafts and went down the rapids it was so fun we also got to have a swim the water was so cold. When we had finished rafting we got to swim in the Outram Glen and went to get changed it was kind of weird because there was no changing rooms. It was awesome I wish that we could go again.

Yesterday i had so much fun in my raft people were being chucked out of the raft at certain points one point we tipped
yesterday room 7 weent to outram glen river to go rafting and it was sooooo much fun first we had to cach a ride to outram and then we went on this one hour walk the features were fasinating i was stunned at how all the trees and paths were formed after the walk we went down to the jet boat and the jet boat took us down to a waterfall thing and thats were we had a barbie and then we got into a raft and floaed down the river when we reached bu rock we slide down it on our bums and it was sooo much fun i didnt want it to end my fave part was the walk by tayla bell
yesterday room 7 went to rafting out at the outram glen it was so much fun my favorite part was going over the rapids in the raft and jetboat Tom
Yesterday we went rafting at the Outram Glen. When we got their Callum and Ange were their waiting for us, they checked our gear and then we started our long 1 & a half our treck along the glen track it was hard in spots cause it went up and down and then we finaly got to the end and the jet boat driver was their. We got our life jackets and we got on and went up the river through rapids, round big rocks while on our way to the rock garden. I was one off the first one up thier so we got off and saw the 4 awesome rafts that we were going down in. I got my helmet and then we had a look round and the rest off our class came up. We had lunch and then in know time we were getting ready to go on the rafts and go down. i was in group one and their were 9 people on my raft. Our first stop was at Bum Rock, it was a rapid and we went down on a back and it was realy fun we got bak on and it went really quick and soon we were back at the carpark wee we started our walk from. We got out and we had a play in the water for bout 10 minutes, then we got out and got changed and went home from our very very awesome day.
From Cameron

Yesterday we went rafting it was so much fun. We had to walk a really long track for an hour and a half and there was stinging nettle on the track and Nadia and Sinead got stung by it.After the we had finished yhe walk we got to jet boat down to a place called rock gardens.We had our lunch there then we went on the rafts with a guide.We went down some really fun awesome rapids.At the end we got to jump out of the rafts and have a little swim.When we were all packed up we got to have a bigger swim.It was so much fun and i would do it agian some day.Maddy

On Wednesday 16th of March we went to the Outram Glen to go rafting. We started off to an hour and a half walk down to the spot where we got on a lifejacket, then got on a jet boat with a man called Steve (he was the driver), we jet boated around to a point called Garden Rock, had a helmet fitted for our head, chilled out for a while then had some lunch which was really yummy (sausages in bread :) then got on a raft and went rafting the people in my raft were Lindsay, Ross, Emma, Tayla.B, Kyle, Jackson, Matt.S, our raft guide Emilia and myself. The first point was Bum Rock were we came to the big rock and slid up it then I slipped the go of my paddle then fell out of the raft very very scary. I went under the raft, the raft came over me, I popped up, Steve threw the rescue rope to me, I caught it then he pulled me in and then my raft came around the rock and I got back in the raft and then we went onto the second point. The second point was something beach (I cd out ant remember the name:) and we got to have a 5 min swim then carried on, came back around to the outram glen then hopped out!
!Kaz! :):):)