Today is the 8th of Febuary and our new catapillars have nearly eaten one of the plants ENTIRELY. They are chubby enough to prove it as well. Go ahead and take a look for yourself.
Catapillar #1
Current state of plants
Catapillar #2 That's all on the catapillars for now.-Matt
I made a Photo Peach of our caterpillars tonight but it won't upload so we'll have to make do with the photos for now...

external image DSC05682.JPG

I still wonder how it was possible for me to spot the little runaway outside the school fence...

external image DSC05683.JPG

With a little help from my friends I was able to encourage the runaway onto a leaf from our plants.

external image DSC05684.JPG

Our little family safe inside.

external image DSC05685.JPG

The bigger caterpillar munching away....

external image DSC05686.JPG

Our little runaway safely back where s/he belongs!

external image DSC05687.JPG

On 3rd of February while Mrs. Kenneally was taking us for e-learning she brought in 2 caterpillars that someday will turn into monarch butterflies. The whole of room seven was ecstatic! But when Mrs. Kenneally looked at the plant she only saw 1 caterpillar? She said it must have crawled off the plant when she put it outside the classroom. Soon it was lunchtime and we still hadn’t found the little critter but when Mrs. Kenneally went to get her lunch out of the car guess who she found crawling across the ground! It was the other caterpillar! She quickly got the plant and lured the caterpillar to crawl on the leaf because if you touch a caterpillar before it turns into a butterfly it will turn into a deformed butterfly.
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