Hi, Please use this page to write your reflection on your wonderful assembly. Make sure you include your name. I will upload your work to the blog! Thanks... I wonder who will write first???

The Assmbly was great the best part I think was the avatars. When we showed them everyone was laughing. We dont know why but it made me laugh as well. Quintin

The Assembly was really cool today. I liked doing the dance but I was really nervous before. Everything worked out well and I think the audience enjoyed it. Sinead

Assembly was great. So much fun. What was Mr B saying at the end??? - Tayla A

I think our assembly really went well, especially our dance!!!!! yeah and what was Mr Bros saying at the end??????? KAZZIESWIMMER!

Awesome to see three comments here - CONGRATULATIONS Sinead, Tayla and Karen. Aha - I hope you find out what Mr Bros was saying - maybe you will have to ask him to repeat it?

the assembly was awesome and so were the dances Brooke ;)