A great post for us to comment on in our quadblog...

Check out Eka's adventures in Adelaide.... Eka's travels

Movie making for term 4

Hi Room 7, can you please all try to visit and comment on Room 12 @ Doon for this week's Quad Blogging. There are some great blog posts to check out. Remember this school is only just starting their school year after summer break! Check out the glogs and the comics!

You might also want to check out the comments Matthew has received and add some more comments to our blog!

Also, last night Eka headed off to Adelaide. If you visit this NZ Post site you will be able to track her progress if you enter the tracking code EP310562785NZ This is progress to date!


Eka is about to head off on an exciting adventure! We have created a blog to share her journey. What will we need to add to this blog to help our friends in Adelaide learn more about us, our school, and our town?

It was amazing to receive so many visits and comments to our blog last week. Please make sure you take time to look at the comments and if you received a comment, please respond today, answering any questions and engaging in a conversation. The focus blog for this week is Auburn Middle Schoolin America. Please visit this blog and comment and ask questions! Today we are going to try and make sure everyone has commented on our blog and everyone on our blog has received a comment. Make sure you remember the guidelines. Check your comment before you post it! Try to add a compliment, give some feedback and ask a question. This will engage you in conversation with the writer of the blog post. Try to add some information from your context.

When it comes to learning about quality commenting, I turn to Linda Yollis. She teaches us to break commenting into two parts: the content and the editing. Here is a summary of some of their tips:
  • Start with a compliment.
  • Add new information, especially facts.
  • Connect with a personal story of how it's relevant to you.
  • End with a question.
  • Proofread.

World Cup Rugby - Flash Mob Hakas

We are very lucky to be part of Quadblogging again. This week we are focussing on;

Hi Room 7, sorry, I forgot to give you the link for the University Games. Here is the homepage - check out the amazing venues!
The opening ceremony is tomorrow! If you want to send Katie a message, click on this link and scroll down to send your message! Thanks

Hi Everyone

I hope you are enjoying the first day of your holidays. I am sitting here enjoying reading all of the facts you have found out about your Zew Zealand Author.

Enjoy your holiday and I will see you when I return from Australia.

Please keep Mrs West's family in your prayers as they cope with losing their mum and Nana.

Take Care

Mrs B

Three more day to the boat race yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Great Race

Have you checked out how many visitors we have had? Have you checked out where our visitors are from? Have you shared the blog with your family? Are you and your family following our class blogs? Have you signed up to receive emails of updates to our blogs?


I just found this today and I thought you might like to create a cartoon - especially for you James -
I look forward to seeing your creations. I am really looking forward to coming to Rippa Rugby with you on Thursday!!

PLEASE check out the reading blog! We received soooo many amazing comments overnight! One of your authors lives in Dunedin. Next week we will work on our book reviews again and we will work out how we can get in contact with some of these authors. Please respond to your comments today. I look forward to seeing lots more reviews posted today!!!!

Okay, so that was a great learning curb last week - Google Docs did not go at all to plan. Well done on being so flexible - great writing on the blog too.
This Thursday we are going to start of the reading blog. Your task will be to review your two books on the reading blog. You must "include a photo of the cover of the book and write a review that will encourage others to read these books." I wonder if we will be able to get in contact with any of the authors???
Really looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

Today we are going to have fun writing some collaborate recounts. You will get a piece of paper which will decide what your writing topic is and you will find out who is in your group. You will need to follow the link and get writing. I can't wait to see the results!!!

Mother's day

Bob Bickerton

Edgar Centre

Jump Jam

Bond and Bond Fundraiser

Our Buddies

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate our blog and the connections we have made over the year to date. Don't forget your hat!!! We are really looking to skyping two schools tomorrow afternoon to talk to them about our blog and our celebration!

Don't forget to bring in anything you want to use for our Mother's Day creation tomorrow too!

cooltext516708398.gifYes we made it to 1000 visitors last night!! How will we celebrate on Thursday? Let us know your ideas please.

Term 2 begins tomorrow! What does that mean for you? Have you thought about your learning or this term? I have a challenge for you.
Learning challenge: Take as many photos as you can of -
  • how you learn;
  • where you learn;
  • what you are learning; and
  • what you like to learn about.
Create your own page in our wiki showcasing your learning views. Maybe you could make a poster, a gloster, a photopeach or ???
I look forward to seeing what you come up with. See you all on Thursday.

I spent an afternoon in the TV studio at school on Tuesday - can you imagine the fun of recording your own school TV show. It is totally awesome. You can check out the shows at Ignite TV so far this year. Yesterday I went to Botany Downs Secondary College and had an AMAZING time in the textiles suite and the art suite as well as a tour of the school and lots more. Today I have had a very relaxed day and tonight I am going up to the North Shore ready for the next stage of my tour. I would love some updates on the blog to see what you have all been up to!

This week I am in Auckland with Eka and Louise. Today I am working in the computer suite with different classes each hour. We have been making 3D Posters and now we are working on Mathletics. I hope you follow our travels on the blog and add some comments.

Eka is heading off shore. She is travelling to Adelaide to visit Room 13. What will she need? How will her travels help our learning? What will we need to do to prepare for her travel???

Hi Room 7. This week we are focussing on a blog from a class in Sydney. I would like to challenge you all to visit the blog during this week and add a comment on one of their posts. Check out some of the Australian culture, the links on their blog, their posts and much, much more. I am sure you can find plenty to discuss and comment on! Please let me know when you have commented! Thanks Also - have you noticed how many visitors we have had to our blog and where they are all from? How many of you have made you family followers of our blog yet? How many of you have commented on our blog? How will you fare in the Room 7 blog awards at the end of term??????

Thank you for a sensational day!!! I am sooooo impressed with you all, and I just love coming into your class. You are very talented photographers. I hope you get to take loads more photos and update the photo blog EVERYDAY!!! Check out all the updates on the blog of all we did today. It would be awesome to see some more comments from you all. Challenge yourself to show someone in your family and get them to comment. I think your artwork is sensational. It is up on the window to look down on you tomorrow. I am away to Queenstown in the morning. Lots more photos... Eka and Louise are coming too....

Hi, I am really looking forward to working with you all tomorrow. We are going to weave flax tomorrow and I thought it would be great if you had a chance to think about what you might make. I have set up a page with links for you to check out. There is also a page for you to think about how you might share your learning with others. Could you make a photopeach? or a set of instructions? or a photostory? what new ideas do you have. How can you think creatively, collaborate and communicate your new learning? It sure is going to be a fun day.

Great to hear all about your rafting trip from Brooke, Rhys, Sinead and Quintin. Thank you so much. I am now really looking forward to seeing photos or maybe even a movie. I wonder who will be first to upload some???

Yay, rafting today. I will look forward to seeing photos and reading all about it on the rafting page, and I will transfer it to the blog. Have a magical time!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a sensational assembly! If you check the blog you will see I have uploaded video and photos. I have also uploaded a number of your vokis. Check out my travelling companion! She will communicate with you over the next week! I will be checking the blog for updates of your rafting trip!!! Your challenge over the weekend is to write a reflection on your Assembly in the folder and I will upload it to the blog! I wonder who will be first to upload???

A new challenge for anyone to try! I look forward to seeing your writing.

Great news - the 'quad blog' I told you about is up and running and it starts this week. We are in a group with:

Pam and Room 13<> in Adelaide.
Ian's Class 6<> in St John's, UK
Anne and Room 7<> in New Zealand
Wendy and in Sydney.
This week Ian, Anne and Wendy's classes are to read and comment on Pam and Room 13's blog. It would be great if you all get a chance to click onto Pam's blog, have a good look at what they are up to and add a comment. Remember to use your very best online manners when commenting and remember that it is viewed by people all around the world. Next week we will all view and comment on Ian's class blog and the following week we are the focus. We will get out of this exactly what we put in. Take this great opportunity to learn from these students and their blogs. Remember later in the year we will try to skype these classes and get to know them more. How could we use this 'quad blog' opportunity to help us grow in our learning? What thinking will we need? Who will we share this with at home? How much time are we prepared to put into this project? Can't wait to see you all on Thursday! Don't forget to comment on the blogs and let me know how it is going!

Thank you for the sensational cards you made today. They are off to Sacred Heart School in Christchurch. The bookmarks look sensational - we will work on them tomorrow and laminate them.

GREAT NEWS - tomorrow morning at 9.20 we are skyping Melville Intermediate school to work on the pronunciation of our mihi!!!

I am really looking forward to working with you all tomorrow. We are going to be making more cards for students in Christchurch, creating avatars, updating the photo blog and working on our mihis. You will see I have put a comment box at the bottom of this page. This will allow you and your family to comment on pages in our wiki. I look forward to seeing lots of comments.

We might even find time to celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday!

I had an amazing afternoon with you today. Your masks look sensational. (Check the blog for photos) Your cards are amazing. I will send the first batch away tomorrow and we will make some more and send them next week. The effort you put into the cards and the sensitivity of your messages brought tears to my eyes. I am working on the Avatars page now. You can work on this whenever you like and save yours on your own page. You can also add it as your profile photo on the blog. Check out the avatars of this class from Adelaide.

Mrs_K.jpgThis is an avatar I had fun creating. What do you think of it?

I hope you keep adding photos to our photo blog and comment on each other's photos. Have you followed our blog yet???

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Christchurch. I thought we might make cards on Thursday to send to a friend's school in Christchurch. If you get a chance you could type up the message for your card. Also, could you think about what else we could do to help. Click on this link to check out how some classes use a reading blog. How can we use our reading blog?

Thank you for another fantastic day in Room 7!!!!!! Great to see so much on the blog. Please let me know how you all go with the blog!

Great to see new members to the Super 7 view!!! Well done. Please have a look over this site - so we can be sure of our class rules for our blogs.

VACANCY - If you are interested in applying to work in a group to help with the organisation of the Scholastic Book buying for 2011 please apply here!

Check out how this class are using their blogs:

Have you showed the class blog to your family members? Have they visited the blog and commented? Do you know how many visitors we have had to our blog? Can you find out where they are from? Do you know where all these countries are? How can you use our blog to help with your learning this year?

I hope you like this idea for motivating you to get on-with-the-job of publishing!!!!

Check out Rogo a new puzzle game on the maths page!

Congratulations Karen on being the first person to put a tagxedo onto your wiki page. Take time to check out Karen's design everyone. Can't wait to see more Room 7 creations.

Check out the tagxedo about Room 7.


WOW!!! What a magic session of e-learning and the fantastic art you are putting together with Mrs K. I can't wait to complete my word picture and to see all of your creations in your wikis. Thanks Mrs K, you are a legend.

Thank you Mrs Baines and Room 7 for a fantastic day. I am soooooo impressed with how quickly you are all learning to use the wiki. Great to see Maddy, Nadia, Sinead, Karen and Tayla A have all made changes tonight! Well done. I hope you get a chance to create on Tagxedo! I would love to see your creations on the wiki. I also hope to see photos of a chrysalis tomorrow maybe.

Guten Tag!!! It was lovely to catch up with some of the great parents from Room 7 tonight at school. Exciting news we are going on a rafting trip in March. This will be a great team building day for us all. Looking forward to our session with Mrs K tomorrow, it should be fantastic.

Hi Room 7. I have made a new page our caterpillars which could act like a diary of your pets. I hope that you will take photos and upload them to the page. It would be great if you added details of how much they've grown and how much of the plant they've destroyed.... I look forward to seeing the page grow with information!

Thank you for a fabulous day Room 7! I hope you remember to show someone the lessons of the geese and also look at the online rules and make sure you agree with them all. If you think of any more we will add them to the page. I hope you see that I have added an area called ourpages where you each have your own space. If you are confident using a wiki you will be able to start adding your own pages. Talk it over with Mrs B and agree on the pages you will need to share your learning.

Welcome to Room 7 for 2011. This is your wiki. It is your learning space. It is up to you to follow the lessons of the geese and have a great year together. We are really looking forward to working with you this year to help you fly!

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